Wine vision by Open Balkan 2022: here are the winners

More than 150 wineries were able to present themselves at the Wine vision by Open Balkan festival, which was held in addition to numerous accompanying programs and business communication opportunities. About the festival on our website here and here they can read.

Serbia is classified by the international wine community as one of the rapidly developing wine countries, and the event proved to be an additional incentive for the wineries in Serbia, especially in Vojvodina, since the success of the wines of Fruška gora on the international and Serbian stage of the entire season this year was resounding. 

Platinum certified items

Among the white wines, the VRT Vinarija Vrt pesak sivi from Sombor and the Verkat Grašac beli 95 lot from the Novi Sad winery earned a platinum medal among white wines. The latter also won the title "Trophy for native white wine" with 4.0 points. Rodoslov's dry red wine from Vinarija Aleksandrović winery in Topola achieved similar success, also with 96 points. The Fruškogorski vinogradi Tri sunca traminac kasna berba was only 96 point behind. The 1 points earned a platinum medal here as well, but this time in the category of sweet wines. 

Gold medal items

The Quet Grašac KPK batch of the Fruškogorski vineyard winery in Bátmonostor (Banoštor) scored 92 points, with which together with the classic chardonnay of Vinarija Deurić from Mala Remeta, they represented the top of the gold medalists from the Vojvodina wine regions.

The Grašac wine of the Smiljković 90 winery in Sombor and the Optimus white wine of the Trivanović winery located in Šid on the gentle western slopes of the Tarcal Mountains were two points behind. 

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