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September 1-4. the Wine Vision international wine competition and trade exhibition was held between The fair was organized in Belgrade under the patronage of the governments of Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania, within the framework of the Open Balkan initiative. The four-day event gave the opportunity to evaluate about 600 wines from the region in the framework of a competition. Among the wines, several items from the Vojvodina wine region were also tasted. 

Hungarian member of the international jury. dr. Gabriella Mészáros evaluated the wines as follows:

"Many exciting wines from grapes that cannot be tasted anywhere else were put into the glasses, which always electrifies the members of the jury. The wines of kadarka - kammlet -, vranac, tamjanika, župljanka and other grape varieties produced in very small quantities, with a style different from those of the Carpathian basins, were also scrutinized. The wines of Fruška Gora (Tarcal Mountains) achieved really nice results. They were among the best in both the white and red wine categories. It is perhaps no coincidence that more than half of the selected Serbian wines in the master class of Caroline Gilby MW, who participated in the judging, came from this region. High alcohol contents were present in all categories, and I see that they are also struggling with the dominance of the international varietal structure that is still characteristic of Central Europe."

The purpose of the fair was to present the producers of the best wines to the general public and, not least, to stimulate demand for new markets. The issue of wine routes and gastronomy was also discussed. The numerous master courses gave us the opportunity to consciously and focus on the essence to learn more and more about the region, which is still little known to the international wine markets today. During the master classes, the Italian Riesling and Furmint varieties were also highlighted. Currently, the grape variety grown in the largest quantity in Serbia is grašac, i.e. Italian Riesling. But Rhenish riesling, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, cabernet and merlot also have a significant share in the range of varieties.

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Photos: DKMT Wine

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