Ürög (Irig): the best Szeremsé grapes grow here

According to all professional descriptions and analyses, the ingredients for the best wines from Szerém are ripened on the slopes around Ürög (Irig). Taking advantage of the geographical conditions given by nature, which are truly perfect for grape growing, it is no coincidence that the first state-of-the-art vineyards were established in these areas in Karlóca and Ürög.

Kovacevic Winery (Vinarija Kovačević)

One of the best-known wineries in the area is the Kovačević Winery, whose history began in 1895. Fans of mainstream wine are especially recommended to try the particularly spicy Cserszeg, Chardonnay and Italian Riesling!

Address and contact details of the winery:

Address: Kralja Petra 221 22406 Irig, Srbija

Mobilephone: +381 63 10 44 934

E-mail: vinskakucakovacevic@gmail.com

Mačkov Podrum

Many people, especially from the younger generation, vote for Mačkov Podrum, because according to them, the Chardonnay here has a much stronger effect on people than similar items from other wineries. The world-class Sauvignon Blanc and the Frajla brand rosé are also hugely successful. Among the red wines, Pinot noir and Merlot are also a must for all visitors. 

Address and contact details of the winery:

Address: Zanatski centar bb, Irig

Phone: 022 / 462-492

E-mail: office@mackovpodrum.co.rs

Website: www.mackovpodrum.co.rs

Hopovo Winery (Vinograd Hopovo) 

Life is too short to drink bad wine, says the winery company price. Surely many people agree with this. It is especially recommended to try the Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc from their traditional selection, but you will definitely not find a bad wine here.

Address and contact details of the winery:

Address: Vinogradi Hopovo, Irig 22406, Serbia

Phone+381 63 469130

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