Caroline Gilby's master class at wine vision by Open Balkan 2022

Master of wine Caroline Gilby has been dealing with Central European and Balkan wines for almost three decades. He is perhaps the most dedicated and perhaps the least biased critic of the region's wines, who had the opportunity to observe the disappearance of socialist large-scale wineries and the emergence of new family wineries as closely as possible from the 1990s to the present day. During his master class, he selected a total of 11 wines from his personal favorites and presented them to the interested audience. Of the 11 items to be tasted, 6 were made in the Fruška Gora wine region. The selected Vojvodina wines showed a great variety, but at the same time a consistent quality. This wine region is also of great importance at the national level in terms of dry white wine. Both domestic and international varieties represent a very high quality. The producers clearly try to show the character of the place of production (terroir) to the fullest extent. But we were also able to taste a really impressive orange wine from the wine region, and among the red wines there was also a great Bordeaux blend with the addition of Vranac. The whole of the master class suggested that the Serbian wine industry is on the right track and although there is still work to be done, the international trade and wine shops are increasingly paying attention to these items. 

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Photos: DKMT Wine

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