WINE OF THE MONTH Rebus – Merlot

Rebus - Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 - Vinarija Reljić

Palic Kanjiški put 66, Palić 24000, Serbia

One of the most exciting events of Wine Vision 2022 was Caroline Gilby's Master of Wine. Among the wines presented at the tasting was the Bordeaux blend of A Reljić Winery. Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon partially matured in new small barrels for 12 months. The producer was able to make this batch in a very elegant style, although it is not an easy task to extract such great proportions from these two wines with high tannin content.

The winery itself was founded in 2015 and offers rosé and red wines. They started as a hobby winery, but the excellent growing area around Palics makes the owners more and more committed. Palicsi-tó is perhaps less well-known among tourists for its grapes and wines, even though it has played a major role in the life of the Carpathian Basin for centuries. The lake's 17 km long shore, which can be visited, really attracts many people every year, but it is also worth exploring the region's wine and gastronomy.

The appearance of the wine already promises serious values. Young, deep crimson color and powerful its viscosity supports this. The growing area is the southernmost part of the lowland loess slope, which can produce red wines that are elegant in acidity but also powerful in tannin. There are no problems with the ripening of the grapes in almost any vintage, so the raw material is usually very ripe and healthy. We already feel this in the smell of wine. Full of red and black berry fruits, exciting spices, underpinned by vanilla and nutmeg notes after aging in barrels. In its aroma, you can feel that the wine has not yet reached the peak of its development, there are plenty of fresh fruit and barrel aromas. In the mouth, the wine is extremely rich. Its acids are not excessive but lively. Its alcohol content is nicely balanced, even though the alcohol content can be said to be high. Its tannin content is ripe refers to grapes and excellent barrel use. Its structure is powerful and exquisite, but nothing overwhelms the wine's rich aromatics. Its body is large, its tactile sensation can be said to be almost silky, and its aftertaste is long. An excellent wine, it is no coincidence that it has already achieved serious success on the international stage.

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