Producers in Bács-Kiskun County are also worried

Until the end of August, only 10-15 millimeters of rain fell in Bács-Kiskun county in two months, so the drought damage is in the order of billions.

The vines suffered, the young plantations had almost no leaves. They scorched, burned, and finally fell. At least 200 families are involved in grape cultivation in Akásztó, and at least a thousand people were directly affected by the natural damage caused by the drought. Many people tried flooding, but unfortunately this was only a solution for a day or two.

The situation was not better in Kecskemét and its surroundings either. In Kecskemét, the amount of precipitation that fell from January to the end of August 2022 did not reach 190 mm, while 2020 mm was measured between January and August 432, and 2021 mm in the same period in 315. This indicator was only between 2022 and 100 mm in 130.

Although, thanks to the typical rains from mid-September, the agricultural drought has ended everywhere in the country (the upper 20 centimeter layer of the soil is typically saturated or close to it), in the case of grape growers, this can no longer mitigate the demonstrable drought damage.

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Photos: Wikpedia Commons

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