Subotica wine tasting, station 2

The day of Pinot Noir, Palics

The family winery called Petra (Vinarija Petra) was the next restaurant we visited. The vineyard of the Gubičak family is located on the shore of Lake Palici, which provides ideal conditions for growing grapes. A real family estate, it covers an area of ​​11 hectares, of which at least 3 hectares of vineyards are older than 7 years. We checked in here in advance, our host was waiting for us with Pinot noir grapes in his hand. 

We were also able to taste a real interesting thing, one of the winery's most special wines, Pinot Noir spiced with Venezuelan chocolate. The taste of the wine and the unique handmade chocolate pearls may be surprising at first, but after a few sips you will be captivated. The winery also offers two types of chocolate wine, PETRA Pinot Noir Barrique and PETRA Pinot Noir. The former is dominated by ripe cherries and raspberries, and the latter by rosemary. Both excellent drinks are based on the best quality Javanese milk chocolate. 

We also recommend the winery's classic wines, Pinot Grigio (grey-friendly) and Tramini! You can view and purchase the entire range here:

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Photos: DKMT Wine

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