Subotica wine tasting, station 1

Subotica wine tasting, station 1

We visited Vojvodina on a short, three-day wine tour around Subotica, during which we met wonderful wines and hosts, and had culinary experiences. In addition to Subotica, we also visited Zenta on the Tisza and Palics, the capital of local wine.

 The authentic environment

The Čuvardić Winery (Vinski salaš Čuvardić): 

Next to Subotica, directly in the direction of Kelebia, we find the family vineyard that is home to Čuvardic Bortanya. The owners, Tünde and Petar Čuvardic, are members of the third generation of winemakers. In addition to the recently built wine cellar, you can also find the old cellar built in 1928. Since we checked in in advance, they were already waiting for us, with true Szatka hospitality. We tasted Kadarka and Kövidinka grown on a 100-year-old vineyard, which are deservedly famous, but we also recommend the winery's Merlot! In addition to the wines, we were also enriched with culinary experiences, the spicy meatloaf (pljeskavica) and the aubergine cream made crazy with kajmak (salted, sour cream) with buns baked in the home oven (instead of toast!) were the perfect accompaniment to the drinks. 

We learned from the hosts that they also offer accommodation for those looking for an authentic Szatka environment, and that they even provide a tambourine band for their fun-loving guests.

Address and contact details of the winery:

Address: Edvarda Kardelja 139, Subotica


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