The Ministry of Agriculture strongly supports the survival of producers across the border

The representative of the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture made an important announcement at the ceremonial opening of the Vojvodina Borudvar event in Bácsfeketehegy.

Oszkár Ökrös, the deputy state secretary responsible for international relations, said that they constantly monitor the development of the fate of small and medium-sized producers across the border and support their existence with all means, thereby ensuring the possibility of valuable local flavors remaining on the market.

The Deputy State Secretary highlighted that winemakers from many Hungarian-inhabited areas of the Carpathian Basin came to the program, which thereby - in the spirit of thinking in one nation - strengthens the dialogue between the Hungarians in the motherland and those beyond the border. The program was jointly organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Association of Vojvodina Agricultural Associations, and its aim is to promote cultured wine consumption and high-quality Hungarian wines, and spread their good reputation.

The Ministry of Agriculture considers the development of historic wine regions important, as they play a role in creating and sustaining communities with their high-quality wines, across national borders and beyond. Oszkár Ökrös emphasized that the work and cooperation of active civil agricultural organizations operating in the Carpathian Basin is one of the keys to the preservation of Hungarianness. In Vojvodina, the cooperation partner of the ministry is the Association of Vojvodina Agricultural Associations (VASZ), which has been working for the Hungarian farmers of Vojvodina for years, represents their interests, contributes to the development of farmers and the recovery of the countryside with its dedicated professional work.

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