The city of bermet, Karlóca

The fairytale town, namely Karlóca (Sremski Karlovci), also the city of wine (according to many, the capital of Serbian wine) is a must for all wine lovers. Karlóca is located just 11 km southeast of Novi Sad, which is now practically a suburb of Novi Sad.

For many, Karlóca is a city on the bucket list, and you can find many winemaking authorities in this modest, little-known town outside of Serbia, which is alive with wine and grapes.

The oldest: Živanović Winery (Vinarija Živanović)

In addition to the beekeeping museum operated by the renowned Živanović family, there is also an apiary and winery that are still in operation today. Over time, the 150-year-old family apiary began to deal with winemaking and how well they did! The family winery is, among other things, the so-called he also makes bermet, which is a local specialty, which is red wine from Szeremség and a liqueur made from the distillate of 20 types of herbs growing between the mountains of Fruška gora. Nowadays, it is made from white wine, and it is even included in the rosé range. 

When visiting Vojvodina, visit Karlóca, where you can taste this specialty first hand! The Živanović family has been making this specialty drink for decades, so don't miss it, it's guaranteed to captivate you!

Address and contact details of the winery:

 +381 63 528155

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