Hajdújárás Harvest Days

Between September 16 and 18, the traditional Harvest Days were held in Hajdújárás (Hajdukovo) for the 54th time. Within the framework of the three-day program, visitors were awaited with programs worthy of the harvest, an exhibition and other exciting accompanying events. In addition to the colorful programs, the guests were also served delicious food and, of course, excellent wines.

The event, which has a 54-year tradition, was dreamed up by Sándor Nosziján. The well-respected teacher thought it was important that after the hard work, the producers could celebrate the harvest. According to the decision of the organizing committee of the Hajdukovo Days, the dreamer of the event, Sándor Nosziján, was posthumously awarded the title of honorary citizen.

Rudolf Sövény, local government representative of Szatka, said at the opening that several developments have been implemented in Hajdújárás in the past period. The Serbian part of the Szabadka-Szeged railway line has already been completed, and traffic has already started, which will greatly help the quality of life of local residents and the work of producers. 

Surprisingly, this year, despite the bad weather, the grapes developed nicely, very delicious must was made, said Tímea Somogyi, a producer from Hajdújárás, whose wines sold very well.

The event began with a fruit consecration mass, after which, in addition to the thematic programs, the guests could taste Maurer wines and get to know the specific philosophy of life according to which Oszkár Maurer prepares his wines and food. The offer of the Borudvar Winery (Vinski dvor), which produces 8 bottles of wine a year on an area of ​​40.000 hectares, was also unique this year, visitors had the opportunity to taste and buy local wine specialties. Among the white wines, chardonnay, riesling italico, sauvignon blanc and ezerjo, and among the reds cabernet sauvignon, merlot, pinot noir and portugieser received the most attention. 

The Kadarka from one of the oldest Kadarka plantations (which is linked to the name of Oszkár Maurer) caught the attention of many. Kadarka is a modest wine, unlike cabernet sauvignon, which demands gentlemanly treatment. This is precisely why you need to be able to voice your concerns, offer and encourage them. Kadarka should not be brought up with a whip, i.e. it should be left to the vintage exam: answer in your own words, according to your liking, according to the level of care you received. If you can, try it and don't forget to drink some of the local beer on the side!

Photos: Wikpedia Commons / Facebook

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