The pride of Karlóca: Vinarija Kiš

Almost every building in the center of Karlóca (Sremski Karlovci) is a monument and at the same time houses dozens of wine cellars. 

Vinarija Kiš since 1801

The history of the Kiš Winery goes back to the 1800s, the first vineyards were bought by the Kiš family in 1801. According to family documents, the first harvest took place in 1830. Since then, they have been growing grapes and making wine without interruption, despite the fact that the winery had to face several difficulties in the 19th and 20th centuries (great phylloxera epidemic, storms of history). Vinarija Kiš received its first serious recognition in winemaking in 1991, when it won the big gold medal of the Újvidéki Vásár for the best white wine. In the past decade, the winery has continuously developed and expanded its production, in 1993 Riesling from the Rhine was planted, and later Merlot grapes as well. Vinarija Kiš is one of the prominent players in the Fruška gora viticulture and wine industry, and their quality work is proven by continuous recognition and awards.

A Vinaria Chis produces well-known types of wine throughout the area, but they also shape world varieties. Outstanding a Mystery white wine which with its fresh and luxurious aroma of citrus fruits and its clean and firm structure, it is an unmissable choice from the winery's offer.

The favorite of many, especially the younger generation Grašac beli. We are talking about a youthful, refreshing and soft wine that dazzles with the scent of ripe apples and citruses combined with white floral notes. Attention, the wine has a very long aftertaste.

The local portugieser (Little Portuguese) is also a must-try, according to professional opinions, it is one of the best Portuguese wines in all of Serbia.

Address and contact details of the winery:

Address : Karlovačkog Mira 46, 21205 Sremski Karlovci

Phone : +381 (0)21 882880

Mobile : +381 (0)62 461046

E-mail :

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