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An important event for the wine producers of Szerémség took place within the walls of Villa Stanković in Čortanovci. The Presentation of the Wines of Szerémség was organized for the fifth time on September 2022, 1. 40 wineries participated in the cultural and oenological army review of Vojvodina and Szerémség. Among other things, the batch selected as the 50 best wines of Szerémség was also presented. These wines can carry the Fruška gora Top 50 distinction in the following year, selected by an international jury. This trademark is a guarantee that the wines are authentic and unique. More than 150 wine samples were sent for certification, from which the items considered to be the best were selected.

The event was opened by Igor Mirović, the president of the provincial government, and on this occasion he also announced the establishment of the National Institute of Viticulture and Agriculture in Sremski Karlovci. The goal, as he said, is to be able to provide adequate financial assistance for the development of research, laboratory and other winemaking equipment, and ultimately to further improve the quality of Szeremsé wines.

The organizer of the event is the Srem - Fruška gora (Szerémség) Geographical Designation of Origin Vine and Wine Producers Association. Its goal is to promote Fruška gora as a wine region where world-class wines are produced.

The event also provided the opportunity for numerous business meetings - within the framework of the pleasant gastronomic event and wine tasting.

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Photos: Wikpedia Commons

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