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A Bács-Kiskun County Municipality this year also organized the already traditional "Bács-Kiskun Megye Bora". wine competition.

The best wines of the county competed for the prestigious title, the prerequisite of which is a commitment to making quality wine. The county's best white, rosé, and red wines were selected by a professional jury at Nemesnádudvar, in the Bor Bagoly cellar, from among the wines that won gold medals at the wine region wine competition. István Kovács, the mayor of the settlement, greeted the members of the judging committee and expressed his special joy that Nemesnádudvar was the location of the prestigious event. 

The wineries of the Danube-Tisza region are extremely important for the county, as they are marketable and competitive, and numerous domestic and international competitions have already confirmed this. The wines of the Alföld have a worthy place on our tables and on store shelves. The County Wines are equipped with a special emblem to represent the county at our events and on the international stage as well.

Bács-Kiskun County White Wine 2022:

Iron Winery – Irsai-Tramini 2021 – Kiskőrös (Kunság wine region)

Bács-Kiskun County Rosébora 2022:

St. Peter's Wine Cellar Néró Rosé 2021 – Kiskőrös (Kunság wine region)

Bács-Kiskun County Rosébora 2022:

Weaver's Cellar – Kékfrankos 2019 – Érsekhalma (Hajós-Baja wine region)

From 2019, one of the county's winemakers can receive special recognition, who in recent years has achieved such a quality with his professionalism and value creation that he deserves the title of Emerging Winemaker of Bács-Kiskun County. Pálma Koch won this title this year.

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Image source: Wikipedia Commons

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