BIWC Balkan Championship: double gold medal for Fruška Gora

Chardonnay 11 wine from the IN (Ilić – Nijemčević) winery won one of the 2020 Serbian gold medals at the BIWC Balkan Championship held in Greece. 

A few years ago, few people believed in the Fruška Gora wine region, in the potential of the varieties, in the success of the wine region. Our website about successes in Fruška Gora here and here already mentioned, this time we can report on the success of a chardonnay variety, moreover, the IN winery achieved this excellent result in a particularly strong field.

After the successful performance, Gordana Nijemčević, specialist of the IN winery, said that the many hours of work, professional humility, and the intense pace finally paid off and the Chardonnay 2020 took a prominent place on the wine map of Europe. A typically juicy, high-quality wine is perfect as a summer drink, but if offered for occasional consumption or with meals, the consumer will still be satisfied.

In short, the Chardonnay 2020 a perfect example of the variety and the pride not only of Fruška Gora, but of the entire Serbian wine industry.

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Please source: Wikipedia Commons

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