More regional successes: Semmelweis University Wine, National Wine Competition 2022

27 wines from 86 wineries from all over the country were nominated for the 12th Semmelweis University Wine National Wine Competition in 2022. 

A For DKMT Wine project This year there was no shortage of successful entries among the winemakers of the wine regions.

Gedeon Birtok Kft.'s 2020 Diófás Tradíció wine finished in 2nd place in the World Variety White Wine category with a gold rating. 

The 2019 Cabernet Franc wine of the Szentpéteri Borpince finished 3rd in the World Variety red wine category with a gold rating. 

Koch Borászat Kft.'s 2020 Premium Kadarka wine was ranked 2nd in the Carpathian Basin red wine category with a gold rating.

Congratulations on your success, the full list is available at the link below: 

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