Another Serbian international wine success 

Between May 26 and 28, Serendipity Wines, the evaluation competition for sweet wines from all over the world, was held in Bergamo, Italy, for the second time. This year, the international jury of 119 judged a total of 40 wines from eight countries. The Serbian in the competition Fruška Gora vineyards and Garden the wines of the wineries won gold medals.

In the category of sweet wines, the Triuuncog Traminac 2015 label of Fruškogorski Vinograd Winery received 93 marks, while the Dark Riđo 2011 label of Vrt Radoslav Tripković Winery received 92,63 points. Over 92 points, a total of 15 gold medals and 20 medals were awarded. Above 85 points, three more Serbian wineries also entered the gold ring, but the number of medals was limited to 30 percent of total participation, so only the best scores were awarded.

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