In the wine cities: Kiskőrös 

As far as Kiskőrös is concerned, the XIII. There are written documents related to local grape and wine production from the XNUMXth century. There is a much-told local story that the first settlers brought vines with them and then created the foundations of viticulture on the quicksand.

The former and current district seat is the city of grapes and wine, where viticulture and winemaking are still one of the most important sources of livelihood.

The importance of wine is indicated by the establishment (1994) and continuous development of the Kiskőrösi Gondůző Wine Order. The name of the order of knights was chosen from the opening line of the poem Borozó by Sándor Petőfi, born in the city and the greatest Hungarian poet, "Beside the wine of Gondűző...".

Petőfi Sándor Gimnázium Horticultural Secondary School and College, which also specializes in vintner training, plays a major role in supplying the winemakers of the small region.

The House of Wines is the meeting place of the past and the present. In addition to the exhibition of contemporary viticulture tools, the institution that presents almost three hundred years of viticulture also offers wine tastings from Kiskőrös wineries and wineries. 

There is no question, the wines from Kiskőrös also hold their own at prestigious domestic and international wine competitions. Wines made from sand grapes can certainly compete with wines from wine regions of greater historical importance. Since 1987, Kiskőrös has held the title "City of grapes and wine".

Kadarka from Kiskőrős 

According to many, nothing exemplifies the respect for the breed better than the resurgence of Kadarka plantings. It is also mentioned on the website of the city of Kiskőrös that: "To our great pride, approximately 210 hectares of the approximately 60 hectares of Kadarka at home are located in the immediate vicinity of the city of Kiskőrös. "

In Kiskőrös and its surroundings, if the wines of Szentpéteri Borpince, Vass Borászat and the István Borház are put into the glasses, we will really take in quite a few sips of history and humility towards the grapes. Even leaving Kiskőrös, you can find winemaking wonders, as the Döbrögec Cellar in Akasztó and SK Borászat in Tabdi await visitors there with wine specials. 

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