InterFest 2022 wine festival: where collaboration works perfectly

InterFest 2022 wine festival: where collaboration works perfectly 

This year's Novi Sad InterFest wine festival was held between June 2022 and June 16, 18 

One of the region's best-known wine festivals was visited by many thousands, and after the restrictions, the festive festival atmosphere captivated the audience with every moment.

90 wine producers from Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina took part in this year's InterFest, which can be said to be traditional. 2022 was the first year that Slovak wines were also represented.

Jadranka Beljan Balaban, the organizer of the event, highlighted at the festival's press conference that Vojvodina's wine cellars are increasingly included in the offer of tourist offices. According to him, "InterFest" has done a lot in recent years to promote Serbian wine and Serbian wine culture in addition to Vojvodina wines. Since the first InterFest, the primary goal of the event has been to raise the wine culture in the region to a higher level and to help small wineries. In the meantime, many of them have developed a lot and can no longer be called small wineries, since this is no longer an appropriate wording in addition to the prizes won at the most famous foreign wine fairs. Today we can say that Serbian and Vojvodina winemaking has come a long way and developed a lot. Among the domestic wineries, the Vojvodina wineries, including those in Fruška Gora, are the most well-known, explained the organizer.

It is good to see that in more and more cases words are combined with actions.

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The following video published by the organizers clearly illustrates the special milieu of the 19th InterFest. 

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