The winery can also connect Siklós with Ürög on the Tarcal mountain

The winery can also connect Siklós with Ürög in the Tarcal Mountains

Winemaking can be one of the links between Siklós in Hungary and Ürög (Irig) in Serbia. The two cities can conclude their sister city cooperation agreement next spring.

From the Szerémség wine region, you can choose Siklós, which belongs to the Villány wine region, as a sister city. Several leaders of the city - led by Mayor Gábor Riegl - recently visited Ürög in Serbia in the Tarcal Mountains (Fruška Gora). The people of Siklós were represented by economic experts, minority representatives and a local winemaker. 

In addition to economic and minority-ethnic relations, the two cities are also linked by winemaking. The Hungarian guests were welcomed by Tihomir Stojaković, president of the Ürög village, with his colleagues, including tourism and wine experts.

- Siklós, like the Ürög village, is a touristic and agricultural region, it has many beaches, wineries and spas, just like us - said the Ürög village president during the meeting, who said that there are many common themes, and emphasized that this is why a also a successful Greek winemaker.

Ürög initiated the establishment of the sister city relationship with Siklós. At the current meeting, the representatives of the cities talked about points of cooperation covering several areas and negotiated joint cross-border application opportunities, and then visited the Deurić winery in Mala Remeta.

The town of South Baranya can sign the twin town cooperation agreement with the Ürög municipality next spring, as part of the town days in Siklós, if it receives the consent of the town council.

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