Csongrád wine tourism

Csongrád wine region: home of so many hidden treasures

Opening a bottle of Hungarian wine is like uncovering a great historical secret - can be read in the Wine Folly magazine article, in which it is emphasized that the Hungarian wine culture belongs to the forefront of Europe. There are many well-known wine regions in our country, one of them is Csongrádi, with a long history, whose impressive landscapes seem to have been "invented" for grape growing. Its wines compete with wines made in the wine regions of Eger, Kunság, Szekszárd and Villány. Csongrádi Kadarka, Csongrádi Cabernet, Csongrádi Kékfrankos and Pusztamérgesi Olaszrizling are all wines that have easily gained followers with their fruitiness and may even become the next stars of the wine world. Maybe it won't take that long for that to happen.

This part of the Great Plain is also worth exploring

The planting of grapes in the 18th century established the reputation of the Csongrád wine region, which boasts many award-winning wines. Dr. Piroska Feyér highlights the red wine made from Kadarka among the wines of the Csongrád county in his book "Vine and wine production in Hungary until 1848". Even today, this grape variety is one of the pride of the Csongrád wine region, and the wines produced from it are known outside the country's borders, so it was not by chance that it was included in the Csongrád Valuation Gallery. In 1986, Csongrád earned the prestigious title of International City of Vine and Wine, which in itself is reason enough for wine tourists to visit the region. The Csongrád wine region boasts several renowned winemakers; take your time, explore this region and visit the more famous wineries! Come to the Bodor Martin Family Winery and the Ungerbauer Family Winery in Csongrád. The wines of the Bodor family are made from organic grapes, i.e. from completely chemical-free fruit stock, and the Ungerbauer family rosés have been on the podium of the National Rosé Wine Competition for nearly two decades. It is worth lingering at the Ujvári Winery in Kiskundorozsmá, the Tóth Winery in Ásotthalm, the Zádori Winery in Szeged, and the artisan family winery of Árpád Balogh in Hódmezővásárhely. In August, for the first time, we will taste the wines of the Csongrád Wine Festival, which has been held in August every year since 1997. In the last two decades, the event has become one of the city's most defining programs, and it also serves to increase the attractiveness of the region for wine tourists. Although the Szeged Wine Festival was unfortunately canceled last year and the year before due to the coronavirus epidemic, the event with a long history awaits visitors again from August 2022. In the fall, a festival with a special atmosphere, Bortér Szeged, entertains the dignitaries on Dóm tér. However, the region is not only attractive to wine tourists in summer and winter, as the wineries are open all year round. 

An undiscovered gem

The population and wine consumers know less about the Csongrád wine region: it is a hidden treasure that holds many secrets and things to discover. It has not yet been flooded with tourists, so here we can dedicate our time to wine in peace and quiet. The above-average number of sunny hours naturally has a positive effect on grape production and the quality of the grapes, which have a significantly higher sugar content compared to other grapes. This wine region is dominated by the Kövidinka, Kunleány, Cserszeg Spicy, Italian and Rhine Riesling, Kékfrankos and Zweigelt grape varieties, and the oldest grove vines in our country lie here. People tend to underestimate the wines of areas with sandy soil, even though research has confirmed that the wines produced here can compete with wines from other famous wine regions. 

Up-and-coming wine producers have recognized the importance of wine tourism in this regard, so they organize wine tours and hold wine tastings combined with cellar visits, which can also be a decisive step in terms of the guests' attitude towards the wine region. The Danube wine region - thanks to its huge area and the culture of winemaking - has enormous potential, and the Csongrád wine region, along with Kunsági and Hajós-Bajai, is no exception. 

It offers many things to see

Another attraction of the Csongrád wine region, which is waiting to be discovered, lies in the fact that it hides a host of attractions. The region is famous for its nature conservation areas, but our country's amazingly diverse wine region is also famous for its thermal waters and spas. The former center of Csongrád, the Inner City, is also referred to as a living museum, which was once populated by cubicles, boatmen, fishermen and day laborers. It is a folk monument complex the size of a settlement, made up of nearly forty 200-300-year-old houses. The city is famous for the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the medical and thermal spa. The Csongrád Nagyréti Nature Reserve can also be called unique. It is characterized by diverse wildlife, including protected bird species. On this section of the Tisza in June, you can admire the swarming of sedges, i.e. the Tisza flowering. In Hódmezővásárhely, we can find many monuments, including the old and new Reformed churches, the artesian well, the granary and the former casino. The Rónay Castle and the medieval rotunda are unmissable in Kiszombór, the village museum in Szegvár, the statue of St. John of Nepomuk and the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and in Óföldeák the XIV. century fortress church. Several landmarks in Makó are connected to onions and Imre Makovecz. Many people are curious about the Hagymaház, the Hagymavirág fountain and the Hagymatikum spa. The city is also home to the Bérpalota building and the Maros Adventure Park, as well as the Lombkoronasétány. The sights of Szeged include the Synagogue, the Cathedral, the Bridge of Sighs, the Deutsch Palace, as well as the uniquely shaped Vasalóház and the water tower. In Ópusztaszer, make sure to add the National Historical Memorial Park to the list of must-see attractions! 

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