The priest's wine: the Pop Ljuba brand

In Serbia, it is not uncommon for monasteries to produce brandy or wine. The Mondo news portal from Belgrade ( recently reported that in Szávaszentdemeter (Sremska Mitrovica), which belongs to the Szeremség wine region, Orthodox priest Ljubomir Volarević himself makes the wines that have become known under the Pop Ljuba brand. These are Chardonnay-based wines, often with the addition of strawberries, apricots or peaches.

In the Tarcal Mountains (Fruska Gora) the booming wine industry is increasingly conquering the areas at the foot of the mountains, where there are more and more family wineries; many of them are trying to revive old traditions.

One of these is Father Ljuba's winery, which also carries on the old traditions in a family and church sense. The Tarcal Mountains were and remain one of the centers of the Serbian Orthodox religion; there were once 28 monasteries in the area, 17 of which are still in operation today.

- Wine belongs to our traditions, it is also needed during communion. The diocese has its own vineyards, as do the monasteries. The beauty of creation lies in winemaking - Father Ljuba, who makes wines that do not use chemicals, told the Mondo news portal. According to the Orthodox priest of Szávaszentdemeter, this is why his wines are special.

"We are the only ones who say that our wine goes bad if we don't drink it," notes Ljubomir Volarević, who says that his wine has a waxy feel because there is no sulfate in it. nature squeezed from the grape. 

The Pop Ljuba brand name can now be regularly found at gastronomic and wine events and fairs, but - as the "wine father" said - it is not important for winemaking because of that, but because it is a family event, while the main thing is to preserve quality.

"We have learned to drink wine again, to recognize the quality and to choose the flavors that suit us," added Father Ljuba, who makes wines, jams, and brandies not only from grapes, but also from blackberries, blackberries, blackberries, and raspberries, so there is really no shortage of flavors.

What is definitely an experience is the white Bermet with the brand name Pop Ljuba. This is the specialty of the Tarcal Mountains, which is not only wine but also medicine.

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