Friendly touristic recommendation

Friendly touristic recommendation

Novi Sad is the second most populous city in Serbia and also the seat of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina (Аutonomna Pokrajina Vojvodina); its population is around 300, but according to many, it has already reached half a million. The settlement on the Danube could be described with many adjectives - university town, party town, festival town - but one thing is certain: it's hard to get bored in Újvidék. It offers something for everyone, be it culture (theatre, concerts) or entertainment (shopping, beaches, sports). 

There are two sights in Novi Sad that should not be missed. One is the city center itself. Opposite the town hall, on the main square (Szabadság tér/Тrg Slobode), there is an imposing, XIX. Catholic church built in the XNUMXth century, which the locals call only the cathedral (Katedrala), although it is not officially classified as such, the name has stuck, and many people do not even know the real name of the church (Mária Neve church - Crkva Imena Marijinog). To the left of the church is the main street of the town, which is populated by local restaurants, cozy cafes and shops of famous brands. To the right of the church, the streets are decorated with palaces of the monarchy. Heading west from the center, you can also see the provincial government building, opposite which you can find the Danube Park (Dunavski park), which is excellent for an afternoon walk. 

In the city center of Novi Sad, there are plenty of entertainment options both day and night, which provide visitors with an unforgettable experience.

The second attraction can be admired on the other side of the Danube. The most famous landmark of Pétervárad (Petrovaradin) is the castle that also bears the name of the settlement, which already stood in Roman times, but its present form was built in the 20th century. It was won in the XNUMXth century, when Jenő of Savoy and his army expelled the Turks from the region. The castle can be visited at any time, independently or accompanied by a guide. The Fortress of St. Petersburg (Petrovaradinska tvrdava) is perhaps more famous now than ever, as it has been the venue of the internationally recognized and famous Exit Festival for more than XNUMX years. Every year, more than a hundred thousand festival-goers enjoy the four-day event, where artists such as David Guetta or Robin Schulz regularly perform. In such cases, it is worth booking accommodation in the city in time. 

Administratively, the city belongs to Bácská, but its territorial size already occupies both banks of the Danube, and with its bridges it opens the way to Szerémség (Srem), which is perhaps the most famous wine region in Serbia. The Tarcal Mountains (Fruška Gora), also the only national park in Vojvodina, have been the wine-producing stronghold of the region for several centuries. Szerémség is home to wineries such as the Kovačević winery in Ürög (Irig) or the Kiš winery in Karlóca (Sremski Karlovci). Szeremség winemakers supply the domestic and international market with excellent wines every year. In the past, the dominance of red wines was noticeable in the region, but this is no longer true, since in addition to red wines, you can also taste many types of white and rosé wines. 

We definitely plan our visit to Újvidék and Szerémség for several days, since there is so much to see that one or two days is not enough time to get to know this diverse region. It is worth visiting during the summer or early autumn in order to participate in the festivals and the harvest weeks in the Tarcal Mountains. 

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The Freedom Bridge (Most Slobode) in Novi Sad
Sremski Karlovci / Karlóca
The Pétervárad castle (Petrovaradin) - The license of the photo(s) is Creative Commons Name it! 3.0 governs

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