Taste Kadarka!

Kadarka Tasting

The wine tastings of the Tonković Winery (Vinarija Тоnković) are well-known throughout Serbia. The winery is one of the most committed cadar producers in the Subotica-Horgoš wine region, making its wines exclusively from this variety. Very close to the Hungarian-Serbian border, between Horgos and Subotica, in Királyhalom (Bački Vinogradi) we find the winery. If we are planning a short tour here, Subotica and Palic (Palic) can also be included in our itinerary. Wine tours are regularly organized in the Tonković winery, where we can follow the whole process of viticulture and winemaking, in fact! Consciously selected local ingredients - bread, cheese, cold cuts - are also served on the table. This approach helps bring wine lovers closer to choosing a conscious and appropriate wine.

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