The first festival of Hungarian winemakers in Vojvodina was held in Palic

Source: Bonum Vinum

The first festival of Hungarian winemakers in Vojvodina was held in Palic 

On June 2022-11, 12, the accompanying event of this year's Gyöngyösbokréta and Durindó XNUMXst Festival of Hungarian Winemakers in Vojvodina. The primary goal of the festival called Bonum Vinum, in addition to tasting fine wines, is to unite Hungarian winemakers and winemakers in Vojvodina. At the opening of the event, Imre Kern, Deputy Mayor of Subotica, gave a speech:

"It's good to be in Palic, because we came together to celebrate." We are celebrating the wines of Vojvodina, our folk traditions and culture - he started his greeting. Wine is associated with folk dance, folk music. In the old days, when our ancestors sang, played, or danced, wine bottles, glasses, came out. The delicious drink contributed to the good mood. That is why I consider it an excellent idea that Bonum Vinum was organized as an accompanying event of the largest Hungarian folk music and folk dance festival in Vojvodina - Imre Kern, who is otherwise known as a big wine fan, continued his speech.

- During the two days we got to know the fine wines of the Subotica-Horgos wine region from the best selections - the organizers write in a brochure published on the event's Facebook page. They point out that this region has a long tradition of winemaking, and in addition to the native varieties, we have also tried the latest white, rosé and red wines from the wineries. The event will take place at the Bački Vinogradi Amstadt, the Horgos (Horgos) Bálint and Vass, of Topolya (Bačka Topola) Brindza, the Bajmok (troubles) Klinocki, Bácskossuthfalva (Stara Moravica) Dimalis and Subotica Di Bonis wineries participated. In addition to the wines, it was possible to taste the brandies of the Budlinka house in Zentaörs and the products of the Sors cheese manufactory in Kishomok.

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