Kunság Ice Wine Rhine Riesling: pampering for the taste buds

The wine of Birkás Winery's Kunság Ice Wine Rhine Riesling has not only a unique label, but also a flavor. It is a dessert wine with a taste reminiscent of candied fruit and honey, labeled with a quote from the writer Miranda Moti: "The real soul mate is the one who encourages you to follow your dreams!" 

Frost does not always come to the detriment of the grapes. An excellent dessert wine with a high sugar content and acidity can be obtained from the rotten, dried grapes left on the capital. The ice wine is unique compared to the other, more common wines in terms of harvest and method of preparation - it is no different with the wine of the Birkás Winery called Kunság Ice Wine Rhine Riesling. The ice wine was first made in the Birkás Winery in 2010, on an experimental basis. Its special feature is that while most grapes are harvested in late summer or autumn, overripe, already rancid, brownish grapes are harvested frozen in November, ie a late harvest wine. In ice-grape grapes, only the water is frozen, but the sugars and other dissolved solids are not, so the must - and thus the wine - obtained by pressing the grapes will be quite sweet. Birkás Winery is an ice wine made from Rhine Riesling, aged in small wooden barrels. Its alcohol content is around 10 percent, which is typically slightly lower than traditional table wines, meaning it fits less into a person’s head. As it is a wine rich in acids, it goes well with matured cheeses, smoked meats and goose liver. 

Interest in ice wine: the decree stipulates that the intention to make ice wine must be notified at least 48 hours before the planned harvest date to the competent mountain judge according to the area of ​​the plantation.

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