Bikicki Winery: traditional tramini wine in a new robe

In May, under the name Moma 2020, Bikicki Picészet introduced a new version of Tramini wine to the Serbian public and wine market. Their vineyards a Fruska Gora, Located in the wine mecca of Serbia in the village of Banoštor, and the product is named after Đorđe Bikicki, the father of the winery owner. Bikicki wanted to create a completely new style of wine from a grape variety that is positioned between an orange-flavored grape and a traditional tramini, and can also accomplish the wonderfully noble goal above.

The beautifully designed white ceramic bottle with a Diam 5 Origin cap suggests an organic approach. The exceptional quality of Bikicki wine is accompanied by a low yield of around 600 grams per grape. According to Bikicki, the right moment is most important for both ripening and harvesting. From the aromas, the balance and the acids, you can definitely tell what kind of wine we taste. The wine will be presented in detail in our Wine of the Month section soon. 

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