International Agricultural Fair: Novi Sad Innovation 

The International Agricultural Fair was held in Novi Sad from 21 to 27 May. The major international wine importers and distributors see an increasing opportunity to create technical development in the Serbian wine regions. Of course, the business approach is mandatory, yet it is gratifying that Serbian farmers have an increasing number of world-class assets available. The vast majority of exhibitors presented a range of machines that perfect the process of growing grapes, from the first movement on the vineyard to the appearance of wine in the glass. There was a company that introduced the latest premium quality devices to the world press at this event. The unanimous opinion of the exhibitors is that all kinds of technical innovation are guaranteed to benefit everyone, from amateurs to grapes and wine to professionals. Indeed, much of this equipment will clearly become a necessary and indispensable tool in the wine-making industry in the near future. 

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