The IV. National Viticulture Conference 

At the end of May, the IV. National Viticulture Conference.

The primary professional program of the conference, organized by the National Council of Mountain Communities, the Junibor Association, the Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences (MATE) and the Hungarian Wine Academy, was climate change and sustainable development. In their greetings, the leaders of the four organizations of the event highlighted the geopolitical and macroeconomic implications for the sector. They all emphasized the need to think together and work responsibly to strengthen each other in order to meet the challenges facing the sector. THE DKMT Wine project we follow exactly the same identity within. The event also hosted an invited speaker: Prof. Profit, Universitá degli Studi di Udine, Italy. dr. Roberto Zironit. The renowned Italian expert shared the latest research and practical results on the environmental and sustainability adequacy of the wineries of the future.

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