A new exhibition has opened at the cabernet wine tourism visitor center

New exhibition opened at Cabernet Wine Tourism Visitor Center - History of the Hosszúhegy State Farm

An interesting exhibition opened this spring in the Hajós Cellar Village, which provides a kind of time travel for visitors interested in winemaking. We can see the history of the Hosszúhegy State Economy in the times before the change of regime. The exhibition is designed from the former Cabernet Inn, which was built in the 1960s on the cellar of the Archbishop of Esztergom.

At the opening, János Gonda, who was an employee of Hosszúhegyi Állami Gazdaság, also talked about the fact that the change of regime caused a significant decline in agriculture and the related business lines. 

The exhibition is a real repository of family legends, as the sailors and the locals recognize their relatives and acquaintances, as the relics and exhibits were all provided by the surrounding residents. The host Cabernet host was a well-known restaurant at the time. 

After the change of regime, the locality was transferred to the producer of Hey-Ho fruit juices, owned by ELMA (Első Magyar Gyényekfeldolgozó és Gyényeklégyártó Zrt.), And then in 2012, when the company ceased its activities, it was transferred to private hands. It has since been liquidated and has been owned by the Hajós Municipality since 2014.

After 2012, Hey-Ho also ceased operations, so the shipping municipality had already purchased the building from the liquidator. Due to the lack of funds, the city could start the preparation and implementation of the renovation of the inn only after the HUF 2017 million support of the TOP tender source announced in 180 and won by the Bács-Kiskun County Local Government.

The visitor center was handed over with a permanent exhibition on September 2019, 21, and then began operations on January 2020, 7.

The inn, which has since been transformed into a visitor center and renovated, is not only a remembrance of hundreds of years related to winemaking and viticulture, but also the “golden years” of the Hosszúhegy State Farm. 

If you are visiting Hajósi Pincefalu, do not miss this excellent program, which can be viewed until the end of this year. 

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