IX. Irsai Olivér and XXV. Spicy national wine competition in Cserszeg


The large-scale national wine competition was held again this year, in which the spicy wines of Olivér Irsai and Cserszegi competed.

The event was organized on Friday, April 2022, 29, by the Kunság Wine Region Mountain Village Council, the Soltvadkert Mountain Village, the National Council of the Mountain Villages and the Municipality of the City of Soltvadkert.

The aim of the competition was also to promote the oenological results of the 2021 and previous vintages, to present them through the media, and to continue to ensure the awareness and popularity of the two wines.

You can name any winery from the country that grows Oliver Irsai and Cserszegi Fűszerest.

- Wines that are commercially available were eligible for this year's competition. That is, they can be removed from store shelves, anyone can buy them, the XXV. Cserszeg Spicy National Wine Competition and the IX. Before Olivér Irsai Wine Competition, János Frittmann is the chief organizer of the measurement. 

In terms of variety, they can also participate with wine, champagne, semi-sparkling wine and cuvées (at least 51% Cserszegi Fűszeres or Irsai Olivér). The category of museum wines in this case includes vintages from 2016 or before. 30 gold medals will be awarded per category.

The venue of the event: Gyöngyház Cultural Center and Library

The main patron of the wine competition is the National Council of Mountain Villages

President of the wine competition: Dr. Diána Nyitrainé Head of Department Associate Professor Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Highlights of the competition:

IX. Irsai Olivér and XXV. The award for the best Cserszeg spicy wine of the Cserszeg Spicy National Wine Competition was given to the Cserszeg Spicy Wine of Frittmann Brothers Ltd. 

The best Irsai Olivér wine was awarded to the Irsai Olivér sample of Arias Estate in Pécs.

The title of the best cuvée wine was given to Frittmann Brothers Ltd. Dawn wine.

The special prize of the Mountain Village Council of the Kunság Wine Region was won by the spicy wine of the Gál Vineyard in Cserszeg.  

The special prize of the City of Soltvadkert was won by the Cserszegi spice of the Galántai Family Winery. 

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