A real wine adventure in Palic

A real wine adventure in Palic

A series of events aimed at introducing the world of Palic wines (with visits to three wineries) began in 2022. The wine tour is a real adventure, as the visitor can taste wonderful wines and similarly excellent delicacies.

It is essential for all visitors to be able to use the wine adventure only with pre-registration, which must be done at least 7 days before departure.            

Lake Palic Source: Wikipedia

The popular spa town of Palics is located in the northern part of Vojvodina, in the Northern Bács district, 3 km away from the southern border of Hungary as the crow flies.

The wine tour can only be visited by prior arrangement. The reservation can be made at the following link: https://www.szerbiamagyarul.com/product/palicsi-bortura/

On the day of the chosen event, the wine tour will start with a bus transfer from Subotica.

Detailed program

The first stop is the Maurer Winery, where Oscar Maurer welcomes its visitors and provides an insight into the activities of the nine-hectare winery and presents their results from the vineyards of the historic Christ, Hermit and Kárász. There is a really wide selection for visitors, from the classic Kadarka to the Short and Dessert wines.

The next stop is the winery of Mr. Zvonko Bogdan, where you can not only taste top-class wines, but also the magnificent castle built in the Art Nouveau style.

The last stop is the Majkin Salaš winery, where you can see a truly traditional restaurant and even dine on a wide range of traditional dishes. Here, in addition to wines, fresh homemade juices are also worth tasting.

Visitors can have such and similar experiences (from the pen of Éva Szabóné):

“A glass of wine in my hand, and the wine tour of Palic in my memory. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone, I guarantee a stunning view. A meeting of delicious flavors, winemaking report. Inspired by a picturesque hand, the wine label is unique. High level of work, recognition of the organization. You have to come here once, after that it is enough to order. Zvonko Bogdan Winery, get a hundred out of praise. (written with love by Éva Szabóné)

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