The Radanovac Harvest Festival is over

On September 24, the now traditional Radanovác Vintage Festival and Batyubál event was held in Radanovác near Szabadka. The event was jointly organized by the Radanovác - our little village Association and the Radanovác local organization of the VMSZ. The cultural programs were organized by the Talentum Talent Management Art Association. 

The news of the start of the event, which is awaited every year by the villagers, was "voiced" by the Duhaj band on the streets of Radanovác. 

Roland Brezovszki, the president of the local organization of the VMSZ in Radanovác, had this to say about the event: "Clearly, the mission of this association, whose name is Radanovác - our little village, is community building, entertaining and uniting the community. We believe that with a small cultural program, a small parade in our small part of town or in our village, we can move a little bit all those who live here and could make this area, or the social life here, even richer."

In addition to the bean stew made from voluntary donations, there were also wine tastings by local winemakers. The proceeds will be used to renovate the local kindergarten.

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Photos: Wikpedia Commons / Facebook

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