Month Wine August: Árpád Móricz "Dear"

We cannot pass by Szerémség without mentioning the determined reformed priest, Árpád Móricz, who lives and works in Bácskossuthfalva (Stara Moravica). 

Reformed pastor Árpád Móricz is a winemaker himself. In the beginning, his wines bore the imprint of Oszkár Maurer's hand, but he himself and his family take on an increasing share of the cellar work. In relation to wine, it is worth highlighting one thought from among those on which he lives his life as a priest and as a winemaker:

"It was the Reformation that brought wine back to the sacrament of the Lord's Supper as a sacramental element. To this day, in the Catholic Church, the sacrifice is offered under one color, under the color of bread, and wine is not included. It has such a historical root that the Reformation is somehow very naturally connected to wine, winemaking, and wine growing, so it has such a church-religious aspect, in an absolute sense."

"Honorable" - 2016  

This wine is a blend of Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon, matured in wooden barrels, and is one of the farmer's great prides every year when it is made. The grapes are grown under natural conditions, and no additives are added to the wine. Concentrated and very fruity wine. The signs of ripening can already be seen in its appearance: the color is a warm ruby ​​tone, not too thick, dense. Its aroma is full of tertiary aromas: pipe tobacco, wet avar, marzipan, prunes, and chocolate are the most typical. Its acids are lively, there is no sign of decay. The wine may have reached its peak recently. Its fine tannins and rich fruitiness are the main virtues of this wine. Its balance is impeccable, and its flavors are dominated by the character of ripe and healthy grapes. The aftertaste is long and persistent. Elegant, beautiful wine. It still has plenty to spare.

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