Baja Fish Cooking Festival 2022

The Danube and Sugovica are the best places for tasty carp, catfish, and goats. On the main square of Baja on July 8 and 9, it was all about fish, good flavors and the life affirmation of the people of Baja. This year was already the 25th fish cooking festival, but the making of fish sauce itself goes back much longer, to the XNUMXth century. dates back to the century.

Images: Creativ Commons / Wikipedia

Baja fish soup is known for its matcha pasta, high-quality paprika, and fresh fish, but let's not forget the accompanying wines either, as Baja fish soup is a typical example of what can be done with an excellent, acidic, light kadarka on the table, which It comes from the Hajós-Bajai wine region. In terms of its characteristics, this wine region of ours is perfectly suited for the production of light, fruity, nicely acid-based and non-tannic wines, which are excellent complements to the paprika dishes of the Baja area.

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