eCellar book system Workshops start in every wine region

eCellar book system Workshops in all wine regions 

In preparation for the introduction of the ePincekönyv system in 2023, the consortium of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Government Information Technology Development Agency and the National Infocommunications Service is organizing workshops in the framework of project ID number KÖFOP-1.0.0-VEKOP-15-2018-00055.

We previously wrote about the ePincekönyv system here. 

The topics of the workshops are permanent, the presentations of the workshops so far and those to be held are as follows:

  • The role and application of the ePincekönyv system in the new wine law regulation;
  • From harvest to marketing;
  • Marketing and wine inspection.

After the presentations, colleagues from the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Council of Mountain Communities and the National Food Chain Safety Office answer (answered) the questions of the participants, thus helping to understand and successfully apply the new regulation in practice.

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