What makes Kunság a perfect wine tourism destination?

Wine fans - at least sometimes - look for the unknown. Arriving on the endless plains of Kunság feels like stepping into another world - it’s up to us how much time we spend exploring. The grapes love the proximity of man, and the traveler will love the delicious sand wine. 

It is located in the Great Plain Kunság wine region is one of the wine tourism destinations that not only offers a lot of experience for wine lovers. The homeland of sand wines is famous for its natural treasures, archaeological sites, cultural heritage and several winemakers. The quality development of the wine region has continued in recent years.

The power of Kunság wine

“Being a freak, I have no intention of underestimating it. In fact. Korcsma, one of the most important institutions of our civilization, is far more important than parliament. The wounds are distributed in one place and healed in the other, ”said Béla Hamvas about the wines from Kunság. Despite the adjective it uses (not hurtfully), they also produce quality wines, although there is no doubt that the homelands of Kvidinka, the royal girl, the kadarka and the sárfehér rarely ripen wines full of special or exotic aromas. A great example of this is that in 2022, the Irsai Oliver and Cabernet Roséja of the Font Winery won silver medals at the Palmarès des Vinalies Internationales wine competition. The wines of Kunság can be said to be fresh, fruity, soft and fresh, with which it is good to rinse off a delicious bite, which is why the slogan of the region has become “The wine of Kunság is the wine of everyday life”. The wines of the region have gained a reputation abroad as well. 

Hungary is one of the favorite places for wine tourists - but what about Kunság?

A Bounce in the Wine Lover’s Index report it can be read that our country ranks tenth in the list of the best wine tourism destinations, ie it is one of the most well-known places for wine tourists. But what is the favorite place for wine tourists? The wine tourism research published in 2021, which presented the popularity of the Hungarian wine regions and was prepared for the Tourism Marketing Communication Agency Nonprofit Zrt. The experience of winemaking is often connected to nature and a beautiful landscape, which is why Villány and Tokaj are so popular. In the survey, the Kunság wine region was preferred by 6 percent of the wine tourists surveyed, but in order to boost wine tourism, Kunság offers more and more cellar visits, wine-making and wine-culture attractions and other tourist services. The Emperor Pincelakat Wine House and Hotel has a Swabian wine tasting with a pork village, while it is located in the Monori Cellar Village. KultPince provides space for craft classes and cinemas.

 Whether we are undertaking a cellar visit or a holiday at a family winery, or relaxing in one of the majestic vineyards, we will not only experience the character of the Kunság wine region in our wine glass!

Where to go for a wine adventure?

The Soltvadkert in the southern part of Kunság is considered one of the centers of the wine region and is famous for, among other things, the Frittmann Winery. As a winemaker from the Great Plain, János Frittmann was awarded the title of Wine Producer of the Year in 2007, which also brought a breakthrough for other wineries in the area. There is also a wine tasting room and accommodation in the wine house of Frittman Winery, where wine tourists can get an insight into the wine-making process in their visual cellar.

The Lantos Wine House and Spectacle Cellar is also located in Soltvadkert. Reminiscent of the Sacher Café in Vienna, the Holy Crown Confectionery in Soltvadk awaits passers-by with its many dessert specialties in an imposing setting. If we are already with the food, we will definitely taste the lebbencs soup and slambuc, the goulash and a special dessert, the Kunság wind-lined, which is made with cottage cheese, vermicelli and homemade strudel. This dish is one of the distinctive delicacies of Kunság, prepared for every holiday or special occasion. 

In addition to the already mentioned Frittmann Winery and the Lantos Wine House and Spectacle Cellar, the Font Winery in Soltvadkert, the Polyák Winery in Kunszállás, the Gedeon Estate in Izsák, the Birkás Wine and Pálinka House in Izsák-Kurjantő, the Döbrögec Farm in Akasztó and the István Wine House in Kiskőrös recommended to visit. The birthplace of the famous Hungarian poet Sándor Petőfi and the Kiskőrös Road History Museum are located in Kiskőrös, but Kiskőrös is also well known for its Old Car Museum, where not only those obsessed with vintage cars get their heads at the sight of a four- or two-wheeler. In Kiskunfélegyháza, in the building of the former prison, where the dreaded figures of the outlaw world were held captive, a prison museum can be seen today. In Kecskemét, in addition to the Art Nouveau city center, it is worth visiting the Cifra Palace and the Kecskemét Planetarium. The Kumánia Spa and Beach Bath in Kisújszállás, the Thermal Bath in Tiszakécske, the adventure bath and slide park in Kecskemét, while the Kiskunhalas Fish Spa and Lace House await us in Kiskunhalas.

Hiking in nature

The Kiskunság National Park has been declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It covers an area of ​​570 square kilometers and offers many fascinating sights, including Lake Kolon, which is famous for its wildlife. The park allows hikers to enjoy the local fauna and flora in a perfect and unspoilt setting. A donkey farm has been set up in Kiskunmajsa, but the Kecskemét Game Garden is also a perfect place for animal lovers, where they can see animals from all over the world up close. In Kiskunhalas, the wilderness hiking and the salt shore walk await visitors. Lake Szelidi in Dunapataj is a 0,8 square kilometer water surface in Kunság and today the area is a perfect leisure tourist destination. The shores of the lake are great for relaxing, eating, cycling, hiking and fishing. However, its salt water also has therapeutic power. 

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