June Wine of the Month: Sziegl Balázs Kolostor hill Kadarka Hajós 2018

Balázs Sziegl Kolostor hill Kadarka Hajós 2018

According to many, in the 1930s, 21 wagon cadars were transported from Switzerland to Hajós. This meant a significant amount, even though 400.000% of all existing 80 hectares of vineyards were cultivated during the Monarchy. So Hajós has a long tradition of making kadarka an exciting and best-selling wine. Unfortunately, in today’s conditions, it’s hard to steer wine lovers towards the variety, and many are scared of it. Its light appearance and pale ruby ​​color doesn’t impress everyone on a first date. Yet it is one of the most unique grape varieties. Undoubtedly, we don’t necessarily have to look for the most beautiful features along the trendy trends. A good kadarka is a wine for gourmets.

This wine is also special because not all growers take on the difficulties of growing the variety. Especially so that it is a selection of wine from a vineyard. Balázs Sziegl has been pampering demanding wine lovers with his complex and sophisticated wines for years. He and his wife go head to head and work together in the vineyard, in the cellar. They are both winemakers, committed. Today, on their nine-hectare estate, they also work with varieties that do not belong to the everyday assortment of the wine region. These include the tramini and the great Italian Riesling. They are organic, their wines are uniformly concentrated, beautiful and very lovable. Careful work is done in the vineyard, which can only lead to the birth of serious wines. 

This part of the Hajós area offers the best of grapes on sandy soil mixed with loess. The wines of the loess sands are basically slender or medium-bodied, but in favorable vintages fuller, fruity, fast-ripening wines are born here. Due to the soil conditions, the white wines are relatively soft and low in acidity. This softness is successfully compensated by the favorable properties of the color-rich red wines. Such wines are more characteristic and more durable than their counterparts grown on loose quicksand.

According to the producer, this kadarka is the best of everything. Despite its light appearance, you can taste concentrated and chiseled wine. You can feel it in Ali Baba’s residence, surrounded by the delicate sweetness of the rose water rose petals. Rosehip with a little black pepper undercoat. We feel the perfect purity of the grapes in it. Its acids are lively, its tannins are small according to the character of the breed, but they are ripe and soft. Bunch of spices and lots of red berries in the scent, great texture, delicious acids, very long and lasting aftertaste. The sip is long and durable, its aroma is elegant and spicy. Its alcohol content is in great balance with its acids, but maybe its creamy tactile feel is what makes it really beautiful. Tanninja just to be felt, we know we drink red wine. This makes the variety an ideal accompaniment to fish soup in Baja… although according to some sources, excellent fish soup is also made in Magyarkanizsa. 

If anyone had doubts about the value of wines grown on sand mixed with loess, now you can change your mind. 

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Source: sieglpince.hu
Source: sieglpince.hu
Source: sieglpince.hu

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