June Wine of the Month: Oszkár Maurer - Szerémség Kadarka Old Vines 2020

Oszkár Maurer - Szerémség Kadarka Old Vines 2020

Oskar Maurer in Hajdukovo, in the sandy Bácska (bačka) established estate. From here, he also cultivates his Szeremsé cropland, which in itself is a serious challenge, since the distance between the two areas is about 120 km. On ten hectares, he planted Kadarka, Sérémi green, Bakator, honey white varieties, along with many forgotten, extinct or worthless grape varieties. His wines are now mostly made sulfur-free, which is a natural consequence of the fact that the plantation cannot receive any chemicals or substances that are not used for traditional viticulture and winemaking. Viticulture requires a lot of manual labor. In many cases, the boundary that separates organic and biodynamic cultivation and production methods is very narrow, but environmental awareness is the responsibility of all people, Oszkár Maurer also admits.

From a tasting point of view, the methods used to make a wine are important. Untreated wines are much more fragile, in some cases longer aeration and some consumer patience may be required when tasting them.

The great qualities of Szeremség (Srem) regularly appear in the vineyards of the wine region. This vineyard blend was made from the oldest Kadarka plantations. The vineyards were planted in 1880, 1912 and 1925. Since the capitals are really old, they are not capable of high returns at all. Unfortunately, we are able to taste quite a few wines grown on our own vines, so we may not always have the most authentic picture of each grape variety. It would be worthwhile to at least see what our traditional varieties can do when grown on their own roots. Well, here's your chance. The wine ferments spontaneously and is bottled without filtration, clarification and sulfurization. Its color is medium intense ruby. Its aroma is clean and elegant, with rosehip fruit and jam, with a subtle sweet-smoky undertone. If we let it rest in the glass for a short time, new layers will come to the fore. Cherries, a touch of red pepper, stronger spices. In terms of its structure, it is proportionate and unique, with nice acids and minimal tannin content. The character of the variety usually does not allow more tannins than this. It is rich in alcohol, but alcohol does not cover the world of live acid at all. Its elegance remains throughout, and its aftertaste is long. The sip covers our palate perfectly, the aromas of the wine remain in our mouth for a long time. 

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Source: maurer.rs
Source: maurer.rs

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