Rosé revolution in Serbia!

Rosé revolution in Serbia!

As with any wine, the basic measure of rosé quality is the right selection and cultivation of the grapes. According to experts, a good rosé wine requires completely healthy grapes with a harmonious sugar-acid ratio.

Serbian winemakers seem to have found a way to produce the perfect rosé.

Among Serbian wines, rosé wines have brought about the greatest increase in both quality and production in recent times. The volume of wines sold in this area also increased significantly.

This “rosé revolution” was essentially triggered by the 2012 Pink Punk wine, which Chicahteau Winery was the first to unveil in front of the high-profile. 

The phenomenon has fundamentally changed the attitude and demand for rosé wines in Serbia.

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a single Serbian winery that would not have at least one such wine on offer.

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Mlada Simonida, Đurđić rose

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