15 Serbian-produced roses that would be a shame to miss

Recentlywe wrote on the impending Rose Revolution in Serbia. Since then, we have been following up and gathering more and more confirmatory data as to the correctness of our suggestion.

Let’s see 15 Serbian masterpieces from the empire of the Rosary. 

Lex Rose, Trivanovic the elegant sidi (Serbian: Šid) wine won the award for the best rosé wine in Serbia last year

Mlada Simonida, Đurđić translated “Young Simonida” is a fruity and aromatic wine from Karlovac (Serbian: Sremski Karlovci)

Sofia Rose, Rajković brothers double gold medal rosé wine from the Župa wine region

Triada Rose, Budimir Due to its taste and texture, it can be a great companion for various dinners

In Rose Blue 2020, Ilić-Nijemčević one of the most potential products of the winery, which is recommended for spicy - strong foods

4 konja debela, Zvonko Bodgan one of the latest success stories of the world-famous Palic winery 

Roze Dionizije, Jović perhaps one of the little-known gems of Serbian rosé wines

Filigree Rose, Bukovo one of the most popular rosé due to its extremely high quality and low price 

Fragolina Rose, Fragaria one of the newest exotic products of young wineries

Rose Merlot, Mikić originally a pinot noir, it is now pursuing a career as a merlot at negotini winery

Rose, Vinum wine from Karlóca perfectly refreshes on warm summer days

Magic, Magaza Rosé from the Trstenik area is a great choice for a hearty roast

Rose Commune one of the mouth-watering products of the Tarcal Mountains, with a soft and fruity aroma

Anonymous, Malča the result of a vineyard from a monastery in Bukovo is this great rosé

Nadia, Bikicki the decision of the Bikicki winery that this type of rosette will be produced for the last time this year, so it is worth getting one for everyone's home as soon as possible 

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