St. Peter's Wine Cellar: Néró Rosé

St. Peter's Nero Rose 

The Szentpéter wine cellar is now a family winery spanning three generations in the Kunság wine region, including Kiskörös. Grapes are grown on almost 70 hectares of sandy, loess soil. 

The characteristics of the winery are that they produce youthful, vibrant, light and distinctly fruity, high-quality wines. 

With the help of traditional and modern technologies, they characterize the characteristics of their white, rosé, red and late-harvest wines, which are defined by the Hungarian and world varieties typical of the region.

Their goal is to produce premium, premium wines coupled with extremely good value for money, as well as exciting, special wines for consumers, in addition to enriching the reputation of the Kunság Wine Region.

In 2011, the idea to make a nero rosette came from Attila St. Peter the Elder. Even the first attempts were a huge success, as a batch with a fruity fresh and rich taste was made, which became a big favorite among the then trendy roses. They have pocketed accolades with this wine year after year. That's why we chose to present it. 

This is one of the winery’s most defining wines, a rosé specialty made from table grapes. It has an elegant look. This wine has a unique taste, in addition to the aroma of blueberries and mint, we can enjoy the special flavors of the variety. A real refreshing, light summer drink enriched with light carbon dioxide. Consumed fresh, especially on hot summer days, but even for everyday conversations. 

It is excellent for dishes made from white meat, lamb and fish, but also as an aperitif.

As you may have read on our site before, the winery has won numerous awards at this year’s Vinagora International Wine Competition, The Nero Rosé has been awarded a silver medal. As well as Attila Szentpéteri Jr., he was awarded the "Most Successful Young Winemaker" award. 

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