InterFest (International Festival)

InterFest festival 2022 - international wine festival in Novi Sad

The vision and mission of the Novi Sad Interfest is to promote wine culture and strengthen cultural and economic ties. In addition, Interfest organizers are encouraging the creation of new wine markets and the expansion of existing wine markets.

The originator, Nataša Budisavljević Radišić, and his team thought not only of the wine producers, but also of the city of Novi Sad, Vojvodina, and even all of Serbia, where the festival takes place. This is also true for the entire local region, since according to the main organizer, there is still a lot to do before the local wines are placed on the world wine map in every respect.

Since 2004, hundreds of wineries from almost the entire wine world have participated in the InterFest in Novi Sad, both new and old, exhibitors from, for example, Argentina, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, Greece, Croatia, Macedonia, Hungary, Montenegro, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Romania , from Spain, Slovenia.

It will not be otherwise - June 2022-16, 18. to be held between. InterFest nor at an international festival.

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