Wine of the Month September: Csánádi Cellar Sauvignon Blanc 2021- Hajós-Baja

The Hajós-Baja wine region is slightly different from the other two wine regions of the Danube wine region. This is due to the higher proportion of loess in the soil here, which enables more concentrated and complex wines to be produced. At the same time, its wines cannot be confused with the wines of Szekszárd, located on the other side of the Danube, where the greater variety of topography gives wines of a slightly different style. As a result of the soil conditions, the white wines of the region are relatively soft and not very rich in acids. That is why good acid-collecting and acid-retaining varieties play such a big role in the wine region.

Sauvignon blanc has become a very popular variety worldwide in the last twenty years. The explanation for this is primarily its characteristically intense and distinct, as well as easily recognizable aromatics. It comes from the Loire, but many people got to know and get close to it through New Zealand wines. Thanks to the higher lime content in the soil, its popularity is also due to the fact that it adapts relatively well and that very nice wines can be made from it even in areas with conditions different from those of the original growing area.

The Csanádi Cellar has been operating for twenty years now, cultivating an area of ​​210 hectares on the border of the settlements of Hajós and Császártöltés. A very up-to-date, modern winery, where the wines of the wine region are presented with a rich selection of varieties.

The wine is pale green, straw yellow. The smell is clean and distinctly alive. Over time, subtle elderberry, wolfberry and gooseberry-like notes can be discovered in it. In the mouth, the wine shows pleasant, lively acids. The flavors are reminiscent of the well-known fruitiness of the aroma, with a few green spices. Good proportions, medium body. A very flattering, easy to like and enjoy wine, for everyday use. The characteristic properties of nettle and hay prevail in the aftertaste. It gives a great harmony with lightly seasoned meat dishes and fruit salads, it can also be an excellent accompaniment to fish dishes, but paprika is not a friend.

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