Wine of the Month: Olivér Irsai Szentpéteri 2021

Olivér Irsai Szentpéteri 2021, Kunság

Kunság and grape variety are almost related concepts today. 

These wines are usually light and soft. They are poorer in flavor, not as full-bodied as the wines of hill and mountain wine regions, but they are excellent for the summer period, for example.

Szentpéteri Borpince operates a 65-hectare estate in Kiskőrös. For years, we have found their wines among the best in domestic and international wine competitions. The Olivér Irsai intraspecific hybrid: Hungarian breeding made from Bratislava white and Csaba pearl varieties, which has been very successful since the 1930s. Its clean and distinct aromatic character and muscat aromas have already tempted many to a glass of wine. Its wine is usually light, not rich in alcohol, so its consumption is really popular on a daily basis. Until the mid-80s, it was only planted as a delicacy grape, but since then it has emerged as a popular wine grape. Today, its production area exceeds 1000 hectares. Kunság has the largest share of this, followed by Mátra and Balatonboglár. 

It does not require special soil, it grows well on looser sand and compact soils. Its early ripening, restrained acidity and fragrance reminiscent of muscat made this variety popular. Wine should be consumed young, because it ages relatively quickly. It can be kept fresh if handled with due care. Due to its fragrance, it is one of the very popular ingredients of "light summer wine". It is often mixed with a more acidic variety to give it a little better retention. They usually start the harvest with this variety, around August 20. 

It has a pale, greenish tint in appearance. The scent is clean and intense. A flattering wine with a fruity, grapey character, crisp green apple, citrus and a little floral tone, when tasting it, it's like looking at a bunch of grapes. It's light and slim, a real summer hit. It is worth eating well chilled, even with freshly fried bream or a good homemade flame. 

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