Wine of the Month: Bogdan Wines

Zvonko Bogdan works on his 62-hectare vineyard near Lake Palic. For the grapes near Subotica, everything comes together to produce exciting and unique wines. The number of hours of sunshine is very high, yet there is also the gentleness and balance offered by the continental climate. 

They work with many local and international grape varieties. However, the backbone of their offer is clearly the Bordeaux varieties. In addition to cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and merlot, we also find the rare petit verdot variety. Their white wines are based on sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, pinot blanc, pinot gris and tamjanika (Muscat).

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cult wine of the winery. The best ingredients are used in each vintage, it is made by blending the ripest and most concentrated merlot and cabernet grapes. Its appearance is deep crimson, still youthful. This youthful color already foreshadows the presence of a definite acid backbone that gives the wine its backbone. In addition to its acids, its tannins are also strong, but all this maintains a balance with the considerable alcohol content. Its aroma and taste evoke notes of rich black berries. The character of black currant, blueberry and plum, as well as the aromas of graphite, cedar, green tea and vanilla create a complex and concentrated wine. Despite its concentration, the aftertaste is excellent, which speaks of terroir notes and not of the barrel or young tannery. A valuable, beautiful wine. Its bright fruitiness and youthful tannins are the most effective when paired with hard cheeses, wild mushrooms, spicy, strongly seasoned red meat dishes. 

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Fresh, young, white marriage. The basic ingredients are chardonnay and pinot blanc - the great varieties of the Burgundy region rarely appear together in one wine in this composition. The bright acids of chardonnay combine with the higher alcohol content and fuller character of pinot blanc in this wine, giving a perfect harmony. Its appearance is moderately intense, its aroma is delightfully fruity. Peaches, melons, summer pears and delicate citrus notes are mixed in it. Floral, honey tones can also be felt in the wine. It starts with great acids, followed by a balanced body. Nuanced and exciting. Its acids are retained, although not very strong. We could rather call them players. The wine, which almost completely fills the palate, is long, but its lightness remains throughout. White wines with this character are great accompaniments to smoked fish. For example, trout with a citrus flavoring or sauce adds just that little spiciness to the taste of the wine, which makes it a little more lively. 

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Photos: Zvonko Bogdan

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