Baja Fishing Festival report

This year's Baja Fishing Festival has taken place. On July 8 and 9, everything was about fish, good tastes, and life affirmation for the people of Baja. At this time, the main square of the town turns into a giant kitchen, with the masters lighting fire under the cauldrons already in the morning. Fish soup in the Baja area is known for its matcha paste, high-quality paprika and, of course, fresh fish. And, of course, about the wine, as the fish soup from Baja is a typical example of what you can do with an excellent acid, light wine on the table. The Danube and Sugovica are the best places for tasty carp, catfish, and goats. Cooking itself is men's work, this knowledge and experience is passed down from father to son in the countryside.

Anyway, the city itself, Baja, is worth a stroll, as it is one of our most beautiful and atmospheric small towns with baroque roots. You can also taste this delicacy in Nagybaracska, Hercegszántó, Dunaszekcső, and Szeremlé, but if you want real Baja fish soup, don't venture further than these settlements. These fish are all suitable for making the best fish juice. This year was already the 25th fish cooking festival, but the making of fish sauce itself goes back much longer. This city consumes the most fish, not only in Hungary, but if we calculate the annual average of freshwater fish consumption, then in all of Europe. In fact, it has been 28-32 kilos a year for quite some time.

It's almost self-evident that the locals and guests mainly drink kadarka and other, lighter red wines alongside the paprika-based dishes in the Baja area. In the last few years, there has been a major change in the range of domestic red wines, and the Hajós-Baja wine region is no exception. In fact. We can say that in terms of its features, this wine region of ours is perfectly suitable for making light, fruity wines with good acidity and not balanced with tannins. This area can show perfect harmony with the dishes seasoned with red pepper. Since the world's leading red wine regions are also making serious efforts to make wines that are as light, fruity and can be consumed young, the Danube Wine Region can now take advantage of its advantageous position.

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