There will be a National Wine Competition again this year, you can enter until June 2022, 15

The National Council of Mountain Villages (HNT) is organizing the most traditional producer wine pattern for the 41st time this year. The organizers are waiting for entries for the National Wine Competition (OBV) until June 2022, 15. The competition is available on the website of the National Council of Mountain Communities, at can be applied on. Judged on June 2022-28, 29. will take place in Budapest, at the Groupama Arena. The uniqueness of the competition is that it is based on a three-tier selection system. The wine competitions in the mountain villages and wine regions prior to the national competition play an important role in the preliminary qualification of the named items. This uniqueness is enhanced by the fact that the event also means a professional meeting during both the judging and the announcement of the results. The review is carried out by the owners of family wineries and experts from factory wineries, supplemented by representatives of education, research, specialist journalism, trade and gastronomy. At the same time, OBV meets the highest international professional standards. High standards are also present in the process of preparation, review and evaluation.

“The National Wine Competition is characterized by continuous professional development. Its organization is not an end in itself, it plays a key role in ensuring that HNT has real information about the Hungarian wine market. The aim of all the reviews is that the achieved results and scores provide feedback to the producers and inspire them to determine the quality development direction of their own property. The National Wine Competition of 2022 also means the preparation of our major interprofessional commitment. According to our plans, the interprofessional wine marketing activity will start in 2023, the quality selection system of which is based on OBV, ”said Ottó Légli, the chairman of the National Council of the Mountain Communities and the organizing committee of the wine competition.

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