Orbán Day Wine Festival in 2022 as well!

Orbán Day Wine Festival in 2022 as well! 

The intertwining of the Shipyard Cellar Village, wine, Szent Orbán and culture into an event is not a story today. If they say Boatman, they answer Cellar Village. 

Hajós Cellar Village Source: Wikipedia


If Cellar Village, the locals' answer is Orbán Day! 

The wine-growing region, which has a centuries-old tradition, has written records dating back to 1728, proving that the settlers Swabians were engaged in grapes and wine at that time. 

On the last weekend of May, in 2022, the Orbán Day Wine Festival will continue to be a must-see program for all wine lovers, as disappointment is out of the question!  

The three-day event has become a real folk festival and a tradition in the Shipyard Cellar Village. The agricultural, cultural and gastronomic army parade held in the Kalocsa-Sárköz region is a highly visited tourist attraction in Kalocsa, Hajós and the region. 

What can we expect? 

20-50 meters long cellar tunnels under the productive vines will line up in front of the barrels hiding the succulent red and white wine.

Did you know that there are 1200 press houses in the small village, which means that every second one gets one? 

Although we are talking about a calm and quiet cellar village, everything during the holiday is filled with life and joy, and of course the glasses with the best “homes”. 

This is really all about wine and grapes.

As the local organizers put it, let us pay tribute to the patron saint of winemakers, St. Orban, and raise our glasses together for the health of the first vine growers who came here almost 300 years ago!

We can't wish for better either! 

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