Vršac wine festival in 2022 as well

Vršac Wine Festival

Vršac will hold its large-scale wine festival on July 2022 and 1, 2, with more than 70 international wineries. The grandiose event provides an excellent opportunity to bring together winemakers from across the border and the region, as Hungary, Romania, Montenegro, Slovenia and Croatia, among others, will be present.

At the festival, visitors can taste excellent wines, but they can also buy selected items, as the wine festival provides not only an exhibition but also a sales opportunity.

The city of Vršac

It is only 85 km northeast of Belgrade, approx. The town is 200 km away and is famous for its excellent vineyards. According to locals, “our wine is a great gift from the vineyards”. We do not want to argue with this statement. 

Bright Elek (economic statistics and geographical writer, the founder of the Hungarian approach and work) recorded the following about the settlement in 1851: "Versecz, a large and populous city, has good vineyards and grows a lot of wine."

If you go for it, don't miss the festival, as an unforgettable stay is guaranteed not only by the truly excellent wines, but also by the very caring hospitality of the locals! 

We are also excited about the event, which is planned to be announced from the venue.

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Vršac / Verse Source: Wikipedia



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